Phoenix-Fund is gathering money for its activity through their site and magazine. This magazine can be seen outside Bulgaria and is aiming to popularize the local business and culture.

Second edition of the magazine (view it here)

Ad’s size

Single price

Annual price (4 times) -25%

Logo on the cover

720 lv. 2160 lv. (540 lv./edition.)

Ad page

1200 lv. 3600 lv. (900 lv./edition)

A half of an ad page

660 lv. 1980 lv. (495 lv./edition)

One third of an ad page

480 lv. 1440 lv. (360 lv./edition)

A quarter of an ad page

420 lv. 1260 lv. (315 lv./edition)

Double page

2000 lv. 6000 lv. (1500 lv./edition)

Special pages


Last cover

2400 lv. 7200 lv. (1800 lv./edition)

Second or third cover

1800 lv. 5400 lv. (1350 lv./edition)

Additional 10% on the base price for a right page.

All members of Phoenix Fund have a special discount.

The magazine will circulate around London Stansted, Frankfurt Hahn, Moscow Domodedovo and Plovdiv Airport terminals. There are ca 60 million people annually passing by these airports and they will be able to see your advertisement. When adding new destinations to and from Plovdiv Airport the magazine will gain more popularity. It will circulate around all new airports connected with Plovdiv Airport.

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